What Is RoHS Compliance For PCB Products and Why It Is Important?

RoHS Compliance For PCB

RoHS compliance is a standard that is applicable in many different countries. And electronic products have to follow this area to be approved in those countries. RoHS compliance for printed circuit board devices says that manufacturers cannot use hazardous materials such as lead and other heavy metals at any point during manufacturing. Therefore, in case lead or other heavy metals are used during any point in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards then they will not be approved to be used in some different countries around the world and mostly in the European Union region. The most common use of Lead in the PCB industry was for soldering purposes, but it has now been banned due to RoHS compliance due to which companies cannot use it anymore.

Banned metals are harmful and can cause many different problems. Metals that have been banned alongside lead include Mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals since they are all hazardous and can lead to various problems for workers and uses of the devices.

FC is one of the major manufacturers of printed circuit board products in Shenzhen, China, and provides services to clients from all over the world. Our company upholds all these important criteria and compliance during our manufacturing process due to which we have managed to earn the trust of the consumers.

FC is also RoHS compliant, which is why our products are favored by customers in the European region. If your company requires our services, please feel free to contact us via the contact number or contact form on our website.

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