SMT Assembly Services

SMT refers to a technology that mounts electronic components directly on the surface of a circuit board. The surface mount part has no leads and is fixed in place through its main body and a small amount of solder. Surface mount PCBA is usually used for smaller components and is more suitable for high-density applications. It allows for more compact and organized circuit boards.
FC is China’s leading PCB Assembly manufacturer and supplier. We have a complete and professional quality control system. We can design special PCBA test racks for customers to improve production efficiency. Furthermore, we have high-end complete equipment, such as mounter, wave soldering, reflow soldering, and other machines. It is a wise choice to choose FC for PCB assembly.

FC SMT Assembly Capabilities and Equipment

FC has the capability and equipment to solve various problems in widely complex and demanding SMT assembly. We have 8 SMT assembly lines to ensure fast assembly.


SMT Lines
8 Lines
52 Million Placements Per Month
Max Board Size
680*550mm Smallest:0.25″*0.25″
Min Components size
0201-54 (0.084 sq.inch),Long Connector,CSP,BGA,QFP
0.15sec/chip, 0.7sec/QFP
File Formats
Bill of Materials ,Gerber Files,Pick-N-Place Files(XYRS)
XRAY Inspection,AOI Testing ICT,Flying Probe,Burn-in,Function Test
Type of Service
Turn-key, Partial Turn-Key, or Consignment
Our Machines
Japanese SONY high-speed SMT SI-F130WR Qty: 23
Japanese SONY multifunctional SMT SI-F209 Qty: 7
Japanese YAMAHA multifunctional SMT YV100XGP Qty: 7
DESEN Automatic silk printing machine DSP-1008 Qty: 10
YoungXin lift slab machines BL-250W-ST Qty: 8
American Heller 18 zones reflow oven Qty: 4
America PACEB BGA repair station Qty: 2
Japanese SONY AOT tester Qty: 4
3D-SPI checkout equipment Qty: 2
ChaoJinDa full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine Qty: 3
Japanese X-Ray detector Qty: 1
YongXing Industrial oven Qty: 3
Automatic double wave peak welding line Qty: 2
Automatic belt post-welding production line Qty: 5
Automatic belt assembly line Qty: 1
Automatic belt cleaning packaging line Qty: 2
Computer test maintenance equipment Qty: 15
Online AOI detection equipment Qty: 4

FC Helps You Succeed at PCB SMT Assembly

If you are looking for an SMT assembly manufacturer, FC is the one you can trust and help you succeed.

Rich experience

A trustworthy PCB manufacturer, with a 22-year focus on PCB Assembly manufacturing field since 2002.

Professional skills

Our team are all very professional and ensure that every process is carried out efficiently.

Advanced equipment

We have modern and very advanced production equipment and automation technology to ensure efficient mass production of your products.

High-quality products and services

We can effectively control and manage important processes, such as incoming material inspection, input & outgoing quality control processes. Whether it is before, during, or after the sale, we can ensure the best quality service.

FC PCB SMT Assembly Process

FC’s SMT production process includes PCB preparation, circuit diagram design, procurement of components component assembly, surface build-up, re-flow soldering, residual material removal, and finished product inspection. This highly automated production process improves productivity and quality and is widely used in the electronic equipment manufacturing industry.

Step1: Preparing the PCB

FC will prepare the PCB boards to be mounted. This includes confirming the size, type, and appearance of the PCB boards for breakage, as well as cleaning and processing the PCB boards to ensure the accuracy and quality of the placement.

Step2: Design Roadmap

FC engineers then prepare circuit wiring diagrams and lay out the circuit, determining where components are located and how they are connected. This process is usually done using CAD software.

Step3: Purchase of Components

FC purchasers buy the required components based on the designed wiring diagrams. These components include integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.

Step4: Component Assembly

Then the engineers of the FC place the components in the material tray and set the parameters so that it can automatically put the components in the correct position.

Step5:Solder Paste Inspection(SPI)

FC will use SPI to detect the thickness deviation of solder paste printing and whether it is broken offset and other bad conditions and provide a test report, through the advance test the PCB board will be eliminated from the bad solder paste printing and rework, to avoid inflow to the reflow soldering process.

Step6: Surface Building

Surface soldering of PCBs is performed using a hot air oven or steam oven. The hot air oven heats the pre-coated areas of the PCB, causing the solder paste to melt and form a stable soldered connection between the component and the PCB.

Step7: Reflow Soldering

Place the soldered PCB into the hot air reflow soldering machine. The hot air heats up the solder paste and melts it, making a more solid soldered connection between the component and the PCB.

Step8: Final Cleaning

The finished soldered PCB is placed in a stripper to remove the remaining solder paste and other residual material. Chemical solvents, ultrasonic, or mechanical methods may be used.

Step9: Finished Product Inspection

Inspection and testing of finished PCB boards FC will confirm the correctness and quality of component placement through visual inspection, X-ray inspection, or automated test equipment.

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