One-Stop PCB Fabrication & Assembly Services

  • PCB Fabrication, Component Sourcing & Turnkey PCB Assembly Services
  • Box Build Assembly & Functional Testing Service
  • No MOQ & Competitive Pricing Service
  • Support Free and Fast sample Service
  • With Advanced Equipments Service
  • High-quality Services

Located in Shenzhen, China, FC(Fulltronics) has been committed to providing customers with One-Stop PCB & PCBA electronic manufacturing services for 22 years. We are committed to executing the strictest standards in PCB manufacturing and SMT assembly to provide customers with more professional and advanced PCB and highly reliable PCB assemblies. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and UL certified, ROHS & IPC-A-600& IPC-A-610 compliant. From Prototype to Mass production, we help you easily achieve your electronic product!

Our Services

PCB Fabrication Service

FC offers High-Mix-Low volume, Prototype, and Mass production PCB fabrication services for rigid, flexible, high-density boards. The factory outputs over, 30000 ㎡/month PCBs are widely used in telecom, industrial control…

PCB Assembly Service

Prototype Pre-production services FC offers fast and efficient prototype assembly to reduce design cycle time, Contributes Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Testability (DFT) recommendations to improve manufacturability of…

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